Update removes symlink

Yes, I deleted the main offending files under /mnt inside my usual machine, before scanning sdb3 with du under the debian usb. The offending files under /home were only 1.5M so didn’t really register in the du output

Thanks for the excellent tutorials - you have gone to a lot of trouble to write everything out so clearly in so much detail - nice.

They inspired me to tidy up my fstab and refresh my mind about all those tricky mount options.
One issue came up - I assigned the ssd option to /home which cause boot to stall with the message - unrecognized option ssd - home not mounted … not sure why that would happen … still investigating that one

But otherwise all running very smoothly

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ssd does not appear to be a valid option according to man mount.

I agree - I’ve been searching around for any uses of ssd as an option
Strangely, in the same boot that /home would not mount, / mounted fine and both had the ssd option
Think I’ll remove that option
It is a whole new topic but the intricacies of the various mount options is probably poorly understood by many …

It’s filesystem-specific. Not all filesystems support it. btrfs does support it, and possibly xfs too, but I don’t think ext4 does.

Its not listed as an option for any filesystem.
The only ssd mentioned anywhere in the man page(s) is while explaining the use of the trim option.

man 5 btrfs


       This section describes mount options specific to BTRFS.  For the generic mount options please refer to mount(8) manual page. The options are sorted alphabetically (discarding the no prefix).


ssd, ssd_spread, nossd, nossd_spread
              (default: SSD autodetected)

              Options to control SSD allocation schemes.  By default, BTRFS will enable or disable SSD optimizations depending on status of a device with respect to rotational or non-rotational type. This is
              determined by the contents of /sys/block/DEV/queue/rotational). If it is 0, the ssd option is turned on.  The option nossd will disable the autodetection.

Kid making a funny face

Ah, so in man 5 btrfs, which I neglected to check. :frowning:

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