Update only when installing new software

Hi I’m very new to Manjaro and rolling releases in general and I really like the AUR and rolling release ide however I don’t like updating very often but I know not doing so can break my install as it can cause dependencies to give me issues if I install new applications so my question is this?

Can I ignore system updates for however long I want but every time I want to install new software only update my system then?

Manjaro makes a preconfigured system available free of any charge what so ever.

You are in charge - so you are free to handle your system any way you like.

Because of the rolling release model - without fixed versions of libraries - you can wait as long as you see fit before updating the system.

But doing so - as you are already aware of - presents the possibility of some manual intervention - which you probably be able to do if you know your system intimately.

You are looking for this.

You will not likely break your system if you update your system regularly, you will break it if you don’t.

But, even in a fixed release distro, there are updates on a regular basis. There are not more updates in Manjaro than in Ubuntu. It’s not the same kind of updates