update not showing in 'Announcements'

Today I had an update of 13 packages (mesa/vulcan-radeon, etc) and after running it with no errors I rebooted to a black, backlit desktop on an old Packard Bell TJ61 Athlon with mobility radeon hd 3200.

I have been refreshing the 'Stable Updates' but it's not showing.

Do I just have to be patient or am I missing something?

Many thanks for any pointer.

Small updates we don't announce. However it seems todays Mesa 19.3.4 update created some regressions.

Best thing would be to check if your mirror is up-to-date via repo.manjaro.org and do a

sudo pacman -Syyuu

... to fix the issue. We are trying to figure out why some people have issues with that update.


Thanks for the quick fix and the link, will keep my eyes on the issue.

I can run some test, if that would help.

Nor was the large update for 19.0 pre4 stable announced that included the Plasma 5.18 update.

There was no Plasma 5.18 update for stable branch yet.

O.K. just checked his Manjaro Hello and he's on Pre2 where I thought he was on Pre4. That's why he got the Plasma updates. Think I'm going in and put him on Testing to make it easier for me.

Got the new mesa update, installed and rebooted, it's fixed.

Many thanks for the commitment.and all the hard work by everyone involved.

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