Update: Could Not Satisfy Dependencies - networkmanager-openrc

Tried to run the update today for which there are 77 packages available.

See the attached image.

Please check the latest Stable Update announcement.

This has been addressed in that thread.

Try first installing networkmanager (which will remove networkmanager-consolekit) and light-locker (which will remove light-locker-consolekit). Then try updating again. Consolekit is being replaced by elogind in Manjaro OpenRC.

Well, I tried the above and then the updates appeared to be applied successfully but later when I rebooted, I now have no access to my Hard Drive partitions. On the Desktop appears icons for Filesystem root, efi, Trash, File System and Home. In Thunar, only the following appears - my UserName, Desktop, Trash, Network, Filesystem root, efi and File System.

WTF is going on?

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