[Update] CoreApps 2.4 now available!


Core Apps update for aarch64

Core Apps have been updated to 2.4 by the developer and these are now available in Manjaro ARM aarch64 repo. Please allow time for your mirror to sync!

The following packages do no longer exist, they have been renamed and merged into other packages:

  • about
  • bookmarks
  • dashboard
  • help
  • search
  • settings
  • start

New packages:

  • coregarage
  • corehunt
  • corepins
  • corestats
  • corestuff
  • coreuniverse
  • libarchive-qt

All Core Apps applications can be installed as a group with:

sudo pacman -S coreapps

Please check out the apps, and report any issues to either @saber or on their Gitlab issues page.


Thanks for the effort .


What are these core apps?

Nowhere is there a list of what these 19 apps are and what they do … the home page … here … anywhere.


Not sure why there are two posts about, but this is the first i saw



In CoreUniverse we added all the apps description. We will add it in website just not finding any suitable position.

We have 19 CoreApps and they all listed here with there descriptions.
* CoreActions - A side bar for showing widgets
*CorePins - A bookmarking app.
* CoreArchiver - Archiver to create and extract archives.
* CoreFm - A lightweight file-manager
* CoreGarage - A settings manager.
* CoreHunt - A file finder utility.
* CoreImage - An image viewer.
* CorePad - A document editor.
* CorePaint - A paint app.
* CorePDF - A PDF viewer.
* CorePlayer - A player based on QtAV library.
* CoreRenamer - A batch file renamer.
* CoreStats - A system resource viewer.
* CoreStuff - An activity viewer.
* CoreUniverse - Shows information about apps from the CoreApps family.
* CoreTime - A time related task manager.
* CoreTerminal - A terminal emulator.
* CoreShot - A screen capture utility.
* CoreInfo - A file information tool.

remaining apps
coreboard -clipboard
corenetwork-for networking and bluetooth
corewm-window manager
and it will be a desktop environment


yeah. i think you should know we are only tow developer in the project .


best of luck.for you two to continue the project.i hope i will soon be able to code.im still novice at coding.

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The first post you linked is a general post.
This thread is in the ARM specific part, where I added them to the repo. :slight_smile:

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