Update breaks dependency

Trying to update my system, pacman gives an error already known as a bug:

looking for conflicting packages...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: installing jre-openjdk (21.u35-3) breaks dependency 'java-runtime-openjdk=20' required by java-openjfx

is it possible to do anything? Or just it needs to wait to be fixed?

Yes, see here: FS#79763 : [java-openjfx] Uninstallable due to non-synchronized update of openjdk .

you mean the solution is

pacman -S java-openjfx=20 jre-openjdk=20

is it a downgrade? but it gives

error: target not found: java-openjfx=20
error: target not found: jre-openjdk=20

or the solution is

 expac '%n %v' jre-openjdk java-openjfx
jre-openjdk 20.0.2.u9-3
java-openjfx 20.0.1.u1-1

No, just see the last comment at the link I gave you, just temporarily hold the packages until java-openjfx is updated to 21.
sudo pacman -Syu --ignore=java-openjfx --ignore=java-openjdk --ignore=jre-openjdk --ignore=jdk-openjdk --ignore=jre-openjdk-headless
or use Pamac GUI and hit ‘ignore’ for java-openjfx, jre-openjdk and other depending pkgs

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ok, thanks, I han’t read the comments

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