Unsure how to install manjaro alongside linux mint?

As a fellow newbie, my first question would be UEFI or Legacy?
If Legacy, and you blindly take defaults, it is dead-easy to install Manjaro alongside after Mint.
The problem will be when Mint updates Grub.
The answer that worked for me is under Case 1 here:

Actually your partition information would help you can run fdisk -l and give the output or just proceed with care(screenshot of gparted helps too). You first need to know if you are using MBR or GPT(UEFI). Thios determines where grub will be installed if MBR then on /dev/sda , if UEFI then on a FAT32 /boot/efi partition you should use your mint /boot/efi if you have one. Then you need a / partition(Around 30 GB) optionally a /home partition and you can use your swap partiton from mint install if you have/need one.

also, output of:

inxi -Fgx

In addition to the above, you can also consult the user guide for detailed instructions


I would recommend the User Guide, there you will only get the information which is proven to be correct.
It is always linked at https://manjaro.org/get-manjaro/ The first sentence there is:

Welcome to the official Manjaro Linux Installation Media page. Here you will find the latest releases for download as ISO images. Please also read our User Guide to have a smooth start.

Here on the forum you can use the search function with Mint as keyword and you will find the frequent tip that you either don’t install Grub in Linux Mint or edit Grub configuration on Linux Mint that it can boot Manjaro, or remove intel-ucode on Manjaro.

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