[Unstable Update x32] 2017-01-14 - GCC rebuilds, Flash, another large update

Another sync from upstream has brought in a load of new packages.

There’s also a Flash update for anyone still using that.

Changes overview

14 Jan

Initial sync from upstream, 630 changed packages, plus some Manjaro updates.

15 Jan

Snapped to testing

16 Jan


Update flow

Updates will happen to this post as new packages are synced until the corresponding updates to x32-testing have been snapped to x32-stable, e.g.:

Unstable Testing Stable Threads
Sync New unstable (when necessary)
Sync Snap New testing, update unstable
Sync Update unstable
Sync Snap New testing, update unstable
Snap New stable, close testing and unstable
Sync New unstable (when necessary)
Sync Snap New testing, update unstable
etc. etc. etc. etc.

Current package diff to x32-testing

:: Different sync package(s) in repository extra i686

                             PACKAGE          x32-testing         x32-unstable
                                sddm           0.17.0-4.0           0.17.0-5.0

:: Different overlay package(s) in repository community i686

                             PACKAGE          x32-testing         x32-unstable
                 deepin-desktop-base         1:20180114-1         1:20180115-1
                   deepin-wallpapers         1:20180114-1         1:20180115-1
                   webdad-speech-git         r2.5a18352-1         r3.b92ccf4-1

:: Different sync package(s) in repository community i686

                             PACKAGE          x32-testing         x32-unstable
                                 ack               2.18-3             2.22-1.0
                              chrony                3.2-1              3.2-2.0
                            collectd            5.8.0-2.0            5.8.0-3.0
                               dunst              1.2.0-1            1.3.0-2.0
                            electrum            3.0.3-1.0            3.0.5-1.0
                       fcitx-chewing              0.2.3-1            0.2.3-2.0
                   fcitx-cloudpinyin            0.3.6-1.0            0.3.6-2.0
                    fcitx-configtool             0.4.10-2           0.4.10-3.0
                        fcitx-hangul              0.3.1-1            0.3.1-2.0
                        fcitx-unikey              0.2.7-1            0.2.7-2.0
                              girara            0.2.8-2.0            0.2.8-3.0
                            goaccess                1.2-1              1.2-2.0
                       inotify-tools               3.14-4           3.20.1-1.0
                              kotlin            1.2.0-1.1           1.2.10-1.0
                          latte-dock              0.7.2-1            0.7.3-1.0
                          leatherman              1.3.0-1            1.3.0-2.0
                        libquicktime           1.2.4-17.0           1.2.4-17.1
                            normaliz            3.5.0-1.0            3.5.1-1.0
                                 pan            0.143-1.0            0.144-1.0
                    partitionmanager            3.3.0-1.0            3.3.1-1.0
                     perl-io-stringy            2.111-2.1            2.111-3.0
                     perl-mime-tools            5.509-3.1            5.509-5.0
                          perl-mouse            2.5.0-1.0            2.5.1-1.0
                             pkgconf           1.3.90-1.0            1.4.0-1.0
                      python-keyring           10.5.1-1.0           10.6.0-1.0
                       python-pytest            3.3.1-1.0            3.3.2-1.0
                     python2-keyring           10.5.1-1.0           10.6.0-1.0
                      python2-pytest            3.3.1-1.0            3.3.2-1.0
                              scrapy              1.4.0-1            1.5.0-1.0
                python-pytest-expect                    -            1.1.0-1.0
                    python-u-msgpack                    -            2.4.0-1.0
               python2-pytest-expect                    -            1.1.0-1.0
                   python2-u-msgpack                    -            2.4.0-1.0
                      ruby-nats-pure                    -            0.2.4-2.0

Any problems?

  • No issues, everything went smoothly
  • Yes there was an issue. I was able to resolve it myself. (Please post your solution)
  • Yes I am currently experiencing an issue due to the update. (Please post about it)

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gcc is not yet patched against spectre.

I thought the “retpoline” patches had been added… hmm… I need to read the changelog. :slight_smile:

Ah, yes, they’ve only just been pulled in: https://github.com/gcc-mirror/gcc/commits/master

Deepin packages have returned. :slight_smile:

Yep, linux v4.15-rc8 will be the first kernel prepared for retpoline. Soon those patches get backported. Don’t know when Arch will renew the needed toolchain for it …

                           lxdm-gtk3              0.5.3-4            0.5.3-5.0
                     lxlauncher-gtk3              0.2.5-2            0.2.5-3.0
                         lxtask-gtk3              0.1.8-1            0.1.8-2.0

No issues, but I forgot that LXLauncher was a special thing:
It doesn’t really work however if I launch it from the terminal. It doesn’t contain any applications, it has empty categories. It seems to need some special config file.
But I guess nobody really uses it.
Edit: And a downgrade doesn’t change anything.
Edit2: Copying the config files from /etc/xdg/lxlauncher to ~/.config/lxlauncher doesn’t help.

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Packages snapped to testing

Today the forum stopped working with palemoon-bin on my netbook. I get only a list of categories or topic but no text or other objects. Will post a screenshot.
Edit: Maybe I should clean the cache.

So text is there, but no objects.

Cleaning cache and cookies didn’t help:

I reset Preferences -> Advanced -> General -> User Agent Mode : Firefox Compatibility
and now the Forum looks fine. I mean to notice it is a bit slower.

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