[Unstable Update] May 2024 Edition

I believe I know what happened in my case. I removed the manjaro package kernel-alive in 2022 around my initial installation time and neglected to manually rm the backup modules (and the .old file) located in /lib/modules/. Mkinitcpio apparently underwent some minor changes recently where it now generates .presets on its own upgrade instead of waiting for other triggers, and I’m guessing it’s going off what’s inside the modules directory. I rm’d an existing 5.16.5-1-MANJARO/ directory and the .old file, reinstalled mkinitcpio to test, and no further presets were generated. Looks like I just deferred some spring cleaning on my own system.:slightly_smiling_face:



I tried using it for the first time. pacnew-checker.
Is good.
thank you.

It’s about me.

"I noticed that many people don’t know about pacnew files or at least don’t pay attention to their creation during the upgrade phase. "

Got this from recent mkinitcpio update:

==> Check if we need to add "kms" to hooks.
  -> "kms" hook does not exist yet. Adding it to the HOOKS line.
  -> Did not find "modconf" hook. Adding "kms" hook at the end.

That commit isn’t working on a default mkinitcpio.conf (which I do not even use, I’ve placed my actual HOOKS line in a dropin config in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf.d/) because it assumes HOOKS with an (old) string value rather than current array HOOKS=(...).
The kms hook was already present, and despite the final message it wasn’t added anywhere.

Thanks for the feedback. It should be resolved with mkinitcpio 39-4 coming along shortly.


after a recent update i got switched back to the X11 session of plasma

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==> Check if we need to add "kms" to hooks.
  -> "kms" hook does not exist yet. Adding it to the HOOKS line.

Adding where? My /etc/mkinitcpio.conf.d/ is empty, and /etc/mkinitcpio.conf had it already :thinking:
I updated from -1 to -4, if that matters.

Scroll up 2 posts; or 3 posts, for more context.


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I know. I’m not getting the third line, so this is after the current latest change.
I’m not familiar with the scripting in use, but this if statement doesn’t seem to function right, at least for my system:

if [[ $(sed -n '/^HOOKS=".*\bkms\b.*/p' /etc/mkinitcpio.conf) ]]; then
      printf '  -> "kms" hook already exists. Doing nothing.\n'
      printf '  -> "kms" hook does not exist yet. Adding it to the HOOKS line.\n'

Whatever the issue is, it looks like:

Read my post as well, I am at that already…

It pays to be specific with versions, thanks.

So, you are then experiencing what appears to be the same issue, only now with mkinitcpio v39-4. @Yochanan

I updated from -1 to -4, if that matters.


You misunderstood. It’s easy to miss, if the version wasn’t specified. That’s all I was saying. Chill, donkey. :slight_smile:

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And how do you reckon I’d be running any a version other than 39? We are on the Unstable branch, after all.

Well, your post did seem to be quick on the heels of previous related posts describing and resolving what appeared to be much the same issue, so it’s an easy mistake to make, don’t you think? Calling me an ass doesn’t do much more than provoke a negative response, which as you may notice, failed to with me. However, this is all completely off-topic, so, let’s move on. Cheers.

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I was just baffled when parts of my message seem to be ignored. I don’t think being this pedantic for 39-4 vs -4 is necessary. Sometimes I feel people do this on purpose just to be annoying.

Well, given that you may well have discovered yet another issue with the latest incarnation, the version is likely relevant; if not to us as users, certainly to those actively trying to fix it. I agree though, there are times when comments are made and seem totally irrelevant to anything but ego. People are people, as they say. Cheers.


On another thread… :point_down:

That shouldn’t happen. Does it exist twice now in this HOOKS array?

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It does not:

HOOKS=(base systemd autodetect microcode modconf kms keyboard sd-vconsole block filesystems mdadm_udev fsck)

Last time my mkinitcpio.conf was modified was May 4th, and the kms hook has been there even before that, as seen in the other thread I linked to.

Like I said earlier, I updated from 39-1 to 39-4. My understanding of shell scripting is very limited, but maybe there’s something wrong in this part?

if [ "$(vercmp 39-2 "$2")" -eq 1 ]; then