[Unstable Update i686] 2018-10-23 to 25 - Pretty Much Everything™



This is the first x32-unstable announcement thread I’ve done and it’s here because the next set of changes is massive, somewhere around 5000 updated packages (which is most of the repos).

Full change list is here:


I’m leaving it in x32-unstable until I get some responses to say it’s not completely broken.

Are things working well enough to move over to x32-testing?

  • Yes
  • No

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Use it w/out updating is kosher right??!!


Yup, should be fine.

Though if you install packages you may end up with something built against newer libraries which aren’t present in the repos yet.

I’d probably just err on the side of caution and move back to x32-testing to avoid any issue until the sync is completed.


“Get back to the shallow end boys!”


New build server or mass Arch32 Testing snap to Arch32 Stable?

I’ve been noticing Arch32 built packages slowly falling further and further behind Arch packages, like a slow leak.

Might be an opportune time for users to test out their backup and restore procedures prior to this eventual update … no point backing up if restore fails.

My Manjaro32 VM already using x32-testing, x32-unstable updates would end up with a non booting system often … :disappointed:


I think it’s mainly LLVM 7.0 and Python rebuilds which had been held in staging. I merge the upstream stable and testing repos as arch32’s testing is essentially Arch stable.

Unstable by name, unstable by nature. :wink:


OK, the sync has finished and it is indeed a massive set of changes.

I’m not snapping over to testing just yet.

People are welcome to come back to the deepest end.


Please also vote on the poll in the OP.


Did you see any sharks!!??:swimming_man:






Do I need to expand my /tmp folder which has 1GB free currently?


… or clean cache to make room in /root???


Let me rephrase…


I did not get off the unstable branch. The massive updates have installed fine. Have not noticed any problems but will observe and report back if I come across any glitches. Thanks


Kernel 4.19 final is uploaded.

I’ve tested on a VM too so I think this can be snapped over to testing. :crossed_fingers: