[UNSTABLE UPDATE] firefox: /usr/lib/firefox/distribution/distribution.ini exists in filesystem

In the new unstable update, I get the error firefox: /usr/lib/firefox/distribution/distribution.ini exists in filesystem. There is no update post for this. How do I fix this?

Please update manjaro-browser-settings to version 20180220-1 first.

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I had the same problem, update manjaro-browser-settinfgs before didn’t solve the issue alone. After update this package alone I should change the name of distribution.ini

If it can help in any way, I have lots of Firefox profiles, don’t know if that affect that

I just deleted the old file and everything went smooth…

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I did it with the --force flag, often update the pip-upgraded system packages this way.


As shown above in VM & with the last bunch of update concerning live/install, it stucks at 20 % & at the end even freeze the V-box…! (works fine without live media update)

Ps: O_ops, I just see it’s not really about the OP subject…! :worried:

Me too

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