Unstable update breaks KDE


Latest update breaks desktop and applications
Cannot update due to icu can't update due to breaking dependency with Manjaro-Settings-manager

To be more precise… it’s qt5-base that still want the old ICU. Manjaro package is specific to manjaro… i don’t know why…


I patched qt5base for an issue with opening applications. Arch don’t ship that yet. Will fix it in the next couple of days. I’m currently at my regular work.


Looks like I jumped into testing branch in the last minute ;D. What a relief.


I could update fine, if I ignored icu in the update.
It complained that MSM needs icu 62, so it would break that dependency if I updated icu.


Which tool did let you ignore ICU and update the rest?


sudo pacman -Syyu --ignore icu :stuck_out_tongue:

But I do have my fair share of apps that does not start anymore. :slight_smile:


And - actually - it is not ICU but the Manjaro version of qt5-base which makes the noise.


I uninstalled manjaro-settings-manager instead. Seemed less important than icu. I like the tool of course so I’ll be installing it again once it gets fixed


I did this too, and now (as @fhdk predicted) my KDE/SDDM does not start when rebooting.
Gonna downgrade what I updated and reinstall what I removed to see if that fixes it.

EDIT: That did not work.
Had to switch to testing branch and pacman -Syyuu before my DE worked again.


Is now sorted out …


Alright, reinstalled manjaro-settings-manager, all good. Thanks @philm! May I ask why the limitation in icu version? Is it because it can have breaking changes?


@philm My fresh KDE install when very well, thank you. I am now trying to find QtCreator, I am not having much luck. Do you, perhaps, know where I can find it.

extra/qtcreator 4.7.2-1
    Lightweight, cross-platform integrated development environment

May not be installed by default, which IMO is the right decision.


It does not need to be installed until someone wants to use it. I used octopi and searched for ```
qtcreator 4.7.2-1

thank you




I installed pamac, found it, and installed it. Thank you



Could have just used pacman, Pamac not needed …

sudo pacman -S qtcreator

You could have used pacman to search also …

$ pacman -Ss qtcreator
extra/qtcreator 4.7.2-1
    Lightweight, cross-platform integrated development environment

Or a more open ended search …

$ pacman -Ss creator
extra/qtcreator 4.7.2-1
    Lightweight, cross-platform integrated development environment

To search only installed packages …

pacman -Qs [search-term]

Lots of nifty things you can do …


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