[Unstable Update] 2023-10-08 - GNOME 45

thanks, @Yochanan, looks like Indian servers are not in sync yet, manually switched to global repo.
The update has started now.

thanks for the fix

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  • Just remove these packages from AUR.
  • Edit their PKGBUILDs to change all KDE dependency names and then build them.
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Thnaks, I was in doubt to remove all this things… done.
I have to remove “telepathy*”. Maybe I don´t need. Don´t know.
I have KDE installed but don´t used it. I use Xfce.

Maybe it was just my bad luck but I could not get the system to update unable to satisfy dependency ‘kpeoplevcard’ required by kdeconnect. I changed mirrors to worldwide and still no luck.I finally uninstalled kdeconnect and got the updates.Once it updated I reinstalled kdeconnect rebooted and no issues.

See my post in testing announcement:


Thanks I have it fixed now.It is more I can’t wait for fixes or for someone to post a way to fix it I just have to go into panic mode until I figure it out. :grinning:

pacman-mirrors: local (4.23.3-2) is newer than core (4.23.2+3+g4148c3d-1)

I also got the kpeoplevcard: local (0.1+r38.32d50a9-1) is newer than extra (0.1-2) and since above recomended allowing downgrade, I did that and it worked.

as for pacman-mirrors run

sudo pacman -Syuu

No need to sync again. The first line is enough.

pacman-mirrors version: 4.23.3+10+gbd0d802-1 is buggy

pacman-mirrors -G ==> result is:
LANGUAGES [‘de_DE’, ‘UTF-8’, ‘’, ‘en_US’]
APP_DIR /usr/share
LOCALE_DIR /usr/share/locale
LOCALE (‘de_DE’, ‘UTF-8’)

Version 4.23.3-2 is o.K.
pacman-mirrors -G ==> result is:

Me too:

sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack                                                                                                                                      
LANGUAGES ['en_US', 'UTF-8', '', 'en_US', 'UTF-8']
APP_DIR /usr/share
LOCALE_DIR /usr/share/locale
LOCALE ('en_US', 'UTF-8')

::INFO Downloading mirrors from Manjaro

what you guys mean? that we display some debug messages to develop pacman-mirrors? Well you’re on the unstable branch, dude.

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not a bug - new feature on unstable branch :slight_smile: - don’t worry - we will be out of your hair later …

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I like the horses in the un-stable too.
Wilhelm Busch (Max & Moritz):
“Doch zuletzt verzehret sie Meister Müllers Federvieh.”


In fact, the unstable branch is actually the most stable one. Because many necessary apps are only provided via AUR like

  • Zoom,
  • Slack,
  • Skype,
  • Spotify,
  • Chrome,
  • VSCode (with .NET debugger),
  • Android Studio,
  • Genymotion
  • Teamviewer,
  • Sublim Text,
  • WPS Office,
  • Foxit Reader/Editor,
  • Joplin,

And to ensure the stability and the compatibility of these apps with the rest of installed libraries, it’s safe and sometimes necessary to switch to unstable branch.

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I love testing and supporting development, but how are we supposed to know that was on purpose?
I too run testing and unstable on my machines (ew stable branch),
so the output difference is clear and makes you think.
Anyways, good to know. :+1:

There is also this thing called flatpak that contains many of the things you list.
I know some ppl do not like to use flatpaks, but tbh, if the choice is flatpak or switch to unstable, flatpaks could be preferred choice for many ppl.

My rule of thumb is to not use anything in a container unless it is the only way to get a particular app, or the containered app is the only version of it that actually works. As for Manjaro Unstable I’ve run it more than a few times and no more issues with it then Stable.


And I agree to that, I do the same.

But I was talking about the “vanilla” user, the person that relies on pamac to automatically update and has always been on stable.

To that person, switching to unstable, doing updates daily (or at least not every 3-4 weeks like in stable) could easily create more problems than solving. :slight_smile:

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