[Unstable Update] 2023-05-03 - Python 3.11, GCC 13


That’s a very good explanation. Also, other team members had mentioned we shouldn’t even have any AUR helpers in the repos (well, besides Pamac).

Last time I tried pamac it was the cause of Ark failing to open zst files. I hope it doesn’t mess with file associations anymore…

manjaro-kde-settings 20230505-1 causes conflicts due to an existing file:

manjaro-kde-settings: /etc/xdg/konsolerc exists in filesystem (owned by konsole)

Methinks something like this happened just a few weeks ago?

edit: Ah, some work to remedy the problem has already begun:

Fixed with 20230505-2.

One nice thing about yay was, that it practically has the same cli as pacman.

Some major UX glitches make the pamac-cli not really a valid competitor for me.

For example this mind-bending duality of parameters (without an indication of what is the default):

--aur, -a
               also search in AUR

               do not search in AUR


  • it should install when no command is provided
  • it should just search if it doesn’t find stuff when installing

I don’t like this decision. I still want a nice aur-including package-helper. After all, that is the only reason I use an arch-based distro.


I’ve reverted the changes. yay and octopi are back in the repos.