[Unstable Update] 2022-10-31 - GNOME 43

Known issues and solutions

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Possible issues with Wayland and NVIDIA (fixed with Mutter 43.1)

FS#76368 - [gnome-shell] doesn’t display after upgrade to 43 / gstreamer related

Pop Shell issues with Xorg session with Mutter 43.1 (fixed with mutter 43.1-1.0)


Windows don't render correctly when using tiling extensions (#6054) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-shell · GitLab

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If someone test it on a Touchscreen Device , let me know if the bug with the OSK is fixed . I test 43 on Tumbleweed and Ubuntu 22.10 Beta and had the same bug : you can typ only one Number or symbol and it turned back for typing Letters . On Solus with xorg the same , so it isn’t a problem with Wayland . I use Gnome on a Tablet too and with this bug is typing my password not really comfortable .

greetings and thx for the great work on manjaro :slight_smile:

@Yochanan: Thanks.

Is there a way to have the terminal in nautilus without nautilus-terminal (for example via a gnome extension ) ?

Have you got an idea when gnome 43 will be available in the stable branch of Manjaro (2 weeks ?) ?

Looking forward to seeing manjaro theming back on Gnome. I really liked Manjaro color more than the default blue one.

Nautilus 43.01 - list-view - starred cannot be removed via dconf-editor.
The usual incompatuibilities with gnome-shell-extensions installed via “extensions.gnome.org”.

Just tested with an MS Surface Go 2, the keyboard behavior is still there. Not entirely sure this is a bug, but a change in how the OSK behaves in general. Might be useful to give feedback upstream.

Wayland freezes/crashes when I try to play video in fullscreen mode in browsers (Chrome and Firefox). Wayland also freezes when some apps enter fullscreen mode, e.g., gradience. Xorg works fine.

Update: Seems to be fixed by adding “options i915 enable_psr=0” to /etc/modprobe.d/20-intel.conf, following link

a whole hoard of packages rebuilt with OpenSSL fixes are incoming, 800+ packages currently in arch testing repos.

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Those would be result of the long awaited transition to openssl 3.0 branch (from openssl 1.1).


Careful, new systemd 252 may render your system unbootable. Some TPM -related service keeps trying to start indefinitely. This is on TPM 2 which supports SHA1 PCRs only + systemd-boot. Grub-controlled booting process with no Secure Boot on another machine worked fine.


Loading is stuck on “Starting TPM2 PCR Barrier…” – no idea what is that.
My setup is similar to yours but I use both systemd-based and udev-based unified images to boot, and generate them with sbupdate, not mkinitcpio.

This machine has a lot of firmware limitations that make it hard to use with new tech, for instance, all kernels starting from 5.19 fail to initialize TCTI context if booting with systemd-based image – this is why I usually boot using udev-based UKI.

I have no time to actively dig into it so I just downgraded for the time being as I’m busy migrating to a newer laptop which I hope would be a better fit for all recent shiny technologies built into systemd – not because of systemd itself, of course, but because I’ve just managed to work around another annoying bug that had been blocking me from using it before.

After updating I can no longer connect to my university’s PEAP WiFi. It just continuously asks for password and never connects.
Had a similar problem before with Fedora, which was solved thus: Changes/StrongCryptoSettings2 - Fedora Project Wiki
Might this current problem be related? Were cryptography settings changed on Manjaro?

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Pipewire audio backend support has been added to mpv. (Github)

Issue after update 15-Nov-2022: (journalctl)
pipewire[903]: mod.x11-bell: XOpenDisplay() failed
pipewire-media-session[904]: spa.bluez5: GetManagedObjects() failed: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NameHasNoOwner

did you withhold migration into wireplumber (pipewire-media-session->wireplumber)?

Yes, indeed, you are right… :sweat_smile:
Now I get one line instead:

pipewire[902]: mod.x11-bell: XOpenDisplay() failed

<==> Running Wayland…
<==> running xorg
same error - but audio working, so I will ignore the error :innocent:

systemd gnome-session-x11-services-ready.target: Job gnome-session-x11-services-ready.target/verify-active failed with result 'dependency'.
But which dependency???
something in connection with: gnome-session 43.0-1 @Yochanan

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