[Unstable Update] 2022-09-12 - Kernels, LibreOffice, KDE Gear, Wine, Cinnamon, Deepin, Qemu, Qt

All dependencies are installed however I can’t find libltdl, there’s only package named lib32-libltdl available in repos.

The package libtool provides libltdl.

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If you click on the dependency you can’t find, it will take you to the package that contains it.

See above. :wink:

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Mesa 22.2 seems to have a nasty bug as rendering images is generating artefacts. Maybe it’s for the best to hold on to Mesa 22.1.7 for a while.

Bug trackers:


Great our unstable branch gets more unstable :smile: Let’s see if Arch moves mesa out from testing or not. Seems to be an issue with LTO enabled.


Finally, I have almost lost hope on that!

Looks like this issue will be fixed in graphviz v6.0.2 (not yet released)

Issues with plank still persist

The appearance of most GTK3 and QT apps is once again uniform after today’s updates.

libebml 1.4.3-1 breaks embedded subtitles in .mkv files in VLC atleast, downgrading to 1.4.2-2 restores functionality


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It’s an ABI breakage oversight, mkvtoolnix is affected as well:

All I see when I look for rolling back a file is to do it from my cache if it hasn’t been cleared. You have a tut for if I’ve already cleared the cache? Thanks

archlinux-archive to the rescue;

so you find the package in question from archive index here, and then find the relevant package version and copy the path to the exact .tar.zst file, and use following pacman command;

# pacman -U https://archive.archlinux.org/packages/path/packagename.pkg.tar.zst

in this case it would be;

sudo pacman -U https://archive.archlinux.org/packages/l/libebml/libebml-1.4.2-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst

or you can go for the easy way out, install downgrade, use command;

sudo downgrade <package>

which will list whats available from pacman cache or remotely, select the version you want the package to be downgraded into.


:information_source: An update for plasma-settings and kirigami-addons will be along shortly. You will need to manually update kirigami-addons from 1:0.3-1 to 0.4-1.

EDIT: No one probably has either application installed as only kclock and ktrip depend on them.

Can’t boot with LTS linux5.15-71-1 due to missing vfat.ko and format unknown, had to chroot to install linux60 and it works perfectly.
note: I’m using systemd-boot maybe this is the issue. after upgrading to linux5.15.72-1 and then reboot, and then boot into livemedia from usb I found loader folder in /boot is missing and can’t boot from the main esp since vfat is not recognized, I don’t know what caused this.

I noticed on journal a line about DiscoverNotifier crashing immediately after boot. Reinstalling qt-base seems to fix it.

To be honest I would remove Discover and use Pamac to check for updates and then if you do have some do them from your terminal.

That’s a fair point. I do like discover for getting to know new themes and colours schemes. Plus, it deals with firmware updates quite well.