[Unstable Update] 2021-11-24 - ICU 70.1 rebuilds, VirtualBox 6.1.30

Hi, anyone got this error?

errore: impossibile eseguire l'operazione richiesta (impossibile soddisfare le dipendenze)
:: l'installazione di alsa-plugins (1:1.2.6-1) interrompe la dipendenza 'alsa-plugins=1:1.2.5' richiesta da lib32-alsa-plugins

Refresh your mirrors, the ALSA package updates trickled in bit by bit. They are all synced now.

It works, Thanks a lot.

I had a couple of weird x11 crashes yesterday when I tried to change screen brightness with Fn keys but since the upgrade of libx11 (1.7.2-1 → 1.7.3-1) I cannot reproduce that anymore. Maybe it’s related, maybe there’s something else, I keep watching.

:information_source: Just pushed changes to GNOME Settings / Extension Settings and a bunch of extensions. Make sure to restart GNOME Shell or log out / login before reporting any issues.

EDIT: Quick fix to Pop Shell just pushed.

EDIT: Extension settings are fixed.

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