[Unstable Update] 2018-09-16 - Kernels, Deepin, Pamac, Vulkan, NetworkManager, LibreOffice



Hi community,

Wow, what is this? Welcome to another unstable update. Yeah, I found some time to announce some here. Feel free to report issues!

  • we released Pamac v7.1.0-rc2
  • most of our kernels got updated. The #bladebook gets fully supported with v4.18.8 and higher
  • Deepin got renewed with new features and fixes
  • NetworkManager is now at 1.14.0
  • LibreOffice got updated to 6.1.1
  • The usual upstream updates

We hope with all these changes Manjaro to be more efficient for you all.

The Iconic Spitfire: Now Quad-Core!


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#beta-release - 18.0 will be available in late October!

If you are curious about the latest state of development for the upcoming Manjaro-Illyria 18.0 release, you now have the opportunity to download a beta-build of Manjaro-Xfce 18.0 including the latest xfce-gtk3 packages aswell as our most recent styling efforts. Our KDE fans may try our beta-build with the latest KDE v5.13 instead. And our GNOME fans may try our beta-build with the latest GNOME v3.28.

Current supported Kernels

  • linux316 3.16.57
  • linux318 3.18.122 [EOL]
  • linux44 4.4.156
  • linux49 4.9.127
  • linux414 4.14.70
  • linux417 4.17.19 [EOL]
  • linux418 4.18.8
  • linux419 4.19-rc3
  • linux414-rt 4.14.63_rt40
  • linux416-rt 4.16.18_rt11

Package Updates (Sun Sep 16 13:51:28 CEST 2018)

A detailed list of all package changes can be found here.

  • No issue, everything went smoothly
  • Yes there was an issue. I was able to resolve it myself.(Please post your solution)
  • Yes i am currently experiencing an issue due to the update. (Please post about it)

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Check if your mirror has already synced:

Ready for Testing ?!?

  • We are ready to move this to our testing branch
  • I still see some issues (post about them)

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I noticed with the 4.14.70 kernel update I can boot fine, but qemu (kvm enabled) cannot boot anything, with a “kernel panic – not syncing.” Qemu works with 4.14.69. This is on a Thinkpad T61, Core2 Duo.

I also tried 4.4.156 and qemu works with that.

Qt5 5.12 doesn't work with older kernels

New warning I get since last update, “steam-devices” related:


sep 17 15:29:42 manjaro systemd-udevd[240]: invalid key/value pair in file /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/71-AlphaImagingTechnologyCo-SteamVR.rules on line 1, starting at character 1 ('A')

Content of "/usr/lib/udev/rules.d/71-AlphaImagingTechnologyCo-SteamVR.rules"
Alpha Imaging Technology Corp.
KERNEL=="hidraw*", SUBSYSTEM=="hidraw", ATTRS{idVendor}=="114d", ATTRS{idProduct}=="8a12", TAG+="uaccess"

Putting missing # in front on 1st line seems to solve it. Cheers.


Based on the changelog some KVM patches got added. Seems you found a regression. Can you be more specific with the error?


Here no issues with qemu and kvm on 4.14 and 4.19.


This is what I get attempting to boot MX linux (32-bit) in qemu:

But it sounds like this may not be a widespread issue. I can easily switch to 4.4.


Thanks! Fixed upstream and in the 0.2.1 pkgbuild :slight_smile:


Is there any update for Pulse-Audio? Because I have an audio problem with Wine that I didn’t notice before the last update.

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