[Unstable Update] 2017-04-23 - Firefox, KDE Apps, Haskell, Virtualbox



for me, too … had to downgrade via mhwd-chroot live cd :confused: cause it breakes pacman, too.


Manjaro-settings-manager has been fixed with the last update. :slight_smile:


VirtualBox 5.1.20 had a lot of regressions:

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

    VMM: fixed VERR_IEM_INSTR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED Guru Meditation under certain conditions (5.1 regression; mostly Mac OS X hosts; bugs #15693, #15801, #16274, #16569, #16663)
    VMM: fixed software virtualization on Solaris hosts (5.1.20 regression)
    Storage: fixed a potential hang under rare circumstances (bug #16677)
    Storage: fixed a potential crash under rare circumstances (asynchronous I/O disabled or during maintenance file operations like merging snapshots)
    Linux hosts: make the ALSA backend work again as well as loading the GL libraries on certain hosts (5.1.20 regression; bugs #16667, #16693)
    Linux Additions: fixed mount.vboxsf symlink problem (5.1.20 regression; bug #16670) 

Is .22 in the pipline?
Released friday the 28th… so on my main machine i stay on .18. :slight_smile:

Have a nice “Tag der Arbeit”!

No sound on VirtualBox vm

5.1.22 is already in unstable.



At this morning there was no update - but got it now together with kernel 4.11 and host-modules.


There is not network module for r8168 on linux 4.11. So i have no internet connection on newest kernel.