[Unstable Update] 2017-01-29 - QT 5.8, LibreOffice, NetworkManager, FF, TB, Manjaro Tools



Hi Community:

on Kernel 4.9 i’m getting this error on boot:

[drm:drm_atomic_helper_commit_cleanup_done [drm_kms_helper]] ERROR [CRTC:26:pipe A] flip_done timed out

Also, it sometimes got in a bootloop. I think is Arch Related, but wanna know if here at the manjaro community there is a word about this…

Thanks in advance…


BTW, Plasma 5.9 is working like a charm…




Plasma 5.9 working really fine…but how about global menu in firefox and thunderbird ?


Breath theme needs to be updated for plasma 5.9. Scroll bar for example


I think it’s normal. breeze do the same. or I don’t understand what you mean…
you mean that it miss a second color when the scroll bar have the focus? or something else? (like as near the column header? it’s do the same on breeze)


I mean this white bar under scrolling bar, it doesn’t exist on icon view mode on dolphin, but on breeze it is the same so not a theme problem.


I don’t think it’s a theme failure… it’s how the scroll works. it takes the background color of the control it’s on. and in the case of icon view there is no header (name, size, etc,) and right now I can’t remember how it was before 5.9. :stuck_out_tongue: on the header there was the button to go up then it was with an other color. but they removed them in 5.9

they also reduce width of the blue scroll. then the white is more visible. maybe it’s hackable with theme. I don’t know.
And I’m not sure to see the “improvement” :smile:


An early-morning surprise for me also to see 5.9 in the list of updates to my temporary HP running Beta 1. Octopi handled them smoothly in the konsole, I re-booted and all seemed fine.


Yeah, it became available since yesterday… Working like a charm over here in my 8 years old HP 550.


I am still getting random crashes on Plasma and I dont know what it causing these crashes.

Is not often maybe 1-2 times per day…sometimes it recovers by itself but sometimes not and I am forced to log off and log on until it happens again.

Any ideas?


So far it seems to be a good update. But QT 5.8 indeed spoiled plasma 5 on wayland.


something is not going well and I think either my PC is collapsing or Plasma ><

I have created a new user and logon to Plasma in order to check for the bug that I mentioned before but every setting I was changing from Plasma Settings, most of the times the settings window was crashing >< . And that was happening to a new user…
However this thing with the Plasma settings crashing is not happening to the old user… very weird ><

I am in the edge of formatting my PC because this crashes started happening on stable as well :frowning:


Are your Unstable and your Stable sharing a common /home partition?


Or a single installation manually changing repos via /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf and sudo pacman -Syy?

FWIW I am also getting System Setting crashes occasionally in Plasma, in all environments.


I am doing a single installation and manually changing repos via octopi to unstable or stable

I think I may have found what is causing all these issues but I need to test it more. I will let you know in one-two days.


Be careful with this, very easy to get your package versions out of whack.

sudo pacman -Syyuu

is your friend when moving back to stable from unstable, and downgrade any software whose version is ahead of stable repo.


so here are my discoveries why Plasma was crashing on me

  1. Steam env Runtime was creating problems on Plasma

I had on startup of my pc
env STEAM_RUNTIME=1 /usr/bin/steam %U -silent
(this run steam with runtime enable in silent mode)

As I have found out this was causing me this issue of Plasma going black screen or otherwise “breaking” plasma
I dont know why this “env” is causing such problems

I have found out that the correct command to run steam with run time is much more simple :stuck_out_tongue:

steam %U -silent -runtime

it has been more than a day now with 0 crashes

2, About System Settings on Plasma i didnt found any solution why it crashes.
It seems that you can make it crash If you click on menus on different settings very very fast…
Anyway is not a big deal…

Thats all for now…


Pretty good info, because Plasma NEVER crashes for me, on Manjaor or Opensuse.
If you have plasma crashes something very strange is going on.


well plasma just crashed today… so I dont know what the hell is going on, ><
just black screens, only the software that are not related to plasma remain open…

widgets,backgrounds, panels are all gone…black screen ><

So back to 0… :frowning: