[Unstable Update] 2017-01-21 - Kernels, Awesome, Calamares, Mhwd

Kernels have been updated to linux 4.1.38, 4.4.44, 4.9.5 and realtime kernel 4.9.4_rt2.
Linux49 is now officially marked new LTS kernel.

Awesome 4.0 has arrived, also updates to electron and packagekit aswell as some more new Deepin and pulsaudio packages.

Calamares 3.0.0 is now already available with the calamares-dev package.
Most work at calamares development went into the new user interface, bootloader and EFI handling. Also some improvement happened with the handling of root password and autologin…

At the same time we’ve been busy adjusting our iso-profiles and mhwd-db for Xorg 1.19.

@Chrysostomus has started an exciting new project and taken on the challenge to start development of a new CLI-installer, based on Archlinux’ architect.
We already have an experimental version available on the unstable branch. More information can be found and your testing and feedback are welcome here.

  • No issues, everything went smoothly
  • Yes there was an issue. I was able to resolve it myself. (Please post your solution)
  • Yes I am currently experiencing an issue due to the update. (Please post about it)

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Kernel 4.9.5 and all the rest running without issues on my gnome desktop!

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are we getting pulseaudio 10?

yep! :slight_smile:

as there is no poll.
all fine here on plasma 5. kernel 4.9.5-1

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Oh! right, sure, added!! :smiley:


Just updated everything went fine until I tried to connect my Logitech M557 bluetooth mouse.
Getting Connection Failed:blueman.bluez.errors.DBusFailed Error:Input/Output error
Edit: I remove the device and added it back again

Very good! :clap: :slight_smile:
I will download the updates on my Manjaro XFCE unstable. :slight_smile:
I will comment here if there are any problems encountered. :wink:

Kernel 4.9.4_rt2 does not appear for installation.
Note users: kernel 4.8.17 now is EOL (End Of Life). I recommend using the latest version of the linux kernel. :wink:
Repo: Unstable

Repo: Testing
Version 4.9_rt-1 is available for installation.

no problems here …

@oberon From what I’ve seen here available only for systems in architecture 64 bits.

edit : sorry, delete that

deepin-control-center 4.0.2-2 is lagging and maxing out CPU on a fresh install from unstable repo.
Deepin was so stable before they started rebuilding it again. Maybe keep deepin pacakges away from stable for some longer?

hm. yes, lets see. Good point. I will try to hold them back a bit longer…

Yes, rt kernels are only available for 64bit.

Explained why no RT Kernel is available for installation. :joy:

Here it is in 32 bits and no Kernel RT available.

And here in 64 bits.

everything running fine here with kernel 4.10.0-1-MANJARO

All is working fine - kernel 4.9.5. Testing out Awesome and it really nice out of the box :slight_smile:

I installed it here, it is using unstable repository now.
Is stable, functioning well.

Just added among some other new packages:



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