[Unstable Update] 2017-01-12 - Xorg 1.19, gcc, Pacman-mirrors



Ok well steam now works for some odd reason. Alls good on my end now.


like as some said. I think the verbose option should be the default or maybe not. :wink:

and I would change the text
Using mirrors in xxx
Ranking mirrors in xxx
Testing mirrors in xxx.
or something else


Btw, what does -i option use for gui? Gtk3? Would it be feasible to add ncurses interface? It would be nice when integrating it into cli-installer. Not a must have though.


TBH it is a must have. It’s a functionality for a »command line« tool that does not work on a (TTY) command line

I like it anyways :sunny: :smile:


Hi, I’m new here, hope it’s the right place for this. Got Minimal Kde alpha 17 on VB.

Running todays update I get:
xorg-server and xf86-input-acecad are in conflict (X-ABI-XINPUT_VERSION). Remove xf86-input-acecad? [y/N] y
Remove xf86-input-joystick [y/N] y

Completes without further errors.


I removed, re-booted and all was well, but I am in a VM. More discussion here:


Yes, it’s ok to remove these two packages. Their functionality should now be covered by the new xorg-server package.


@BS86 @xircon @scachemaille the verbose option has been replaced by a quiet option. :wink:

@Tids we are trying to resolve your issue (at least the error message).


Did a little test on the source in an TTY (Ctrl+F4). The app, pacman-mirrors, is now ignoring -i since it has no function when no display exists.