[Unstable] New icu-59.1-1 incompatible with qt5-base-nosystemd

EDIT: Looks like this problem is with qt5-base-nosystemd 5.8.0-2 (qt5-base works). Maybe it needs an update for the new icu-59? @artoo

The unstable update today to icu-59.1-1 and related packages broke smplayer (maybe other qt5 applications also, I didn’t test). And it was pretty difficult to downgrade.

First smplayer asked for libicui18n.so.58 and libicuuc.so.58, which I “provided” with symlinks, then it gave me “smplayer: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libQt5Core.so.5: undefined symbol: ucnv_getDefaultName_58” Maybe qt5 needs updating also?

But downgrading was difficult because apparently pacman needs icu libraries. I finally succeeded by downgrading libpsl then icu (which I had to use the so.58 symlinks for and then force). Then my file manager wouldn’t run until I also downgraded libxml2.

EDIT: using the new qt5-base solves this.

qt5-base-nosystemd rebuild is running…


Looks like there are several Manjaro specific applications that are now segfaulting because of the ICU update. It looks like Manjaro-settings-manager has now been fixed. However any Manjaro specific application that has ICU as a direct or indirect dependency will also be affected. Firefox-kde is another one that needs to be recompiled. I’m sure this will all get resolved within a few days.

Unstable was updated yesterday.