[unstable] Manjaro-architect beta testing



We’ve changed the strategy for now. In the long run the plan is to have a dynamic menu of some kind. for the time being some stuff has just moved to an ‘advanced’ menu entry. The full tree now looks like this:

├── prepare
│   ├── keymap
│   ├── devices
│   ├── partition
│   ├── luks
│   ├── lvm
│   └── mount
├── install_base
│   ├── config_mirrors
│   ├── refresh_keys
│   ├── install_base
│   └── bootloader
├── config_base
│   ├── fstab
│   ├── hostname
│   ├── locale
│   ├── time_n_date
│   ├── root_pw
│   ├── create_user
│   └── mkinitcpio
├── install_environment
│   ├── video_driver
│   └── xkbmap
│   └── manjaro_DE_WM
├── edit_config
│   ├── vconsole
│   ├── locale
│   ├── hostname
│   ├── hosts
│   ├── sudoers
│   ├── mkinitcpio
│   ├── fstab
│   ├── crypttab
│   ├── grub/syslinux
│   ├── lxdm/lightdm/sddm
│   ├── pacman
│   └── xinitrc
└── advanced_install
    ├── manjaro_git
    ├── unconfigured
    │   ├── xorg
    │   ├── de_wm
    │   ├── dm
    │   ├── network
    │   ├── multimedia
    │   │    ├── alsa_pulse
    │   │    ├── codecs
    │   │    └── acc
    │   └── custom_pkgs
    └── system_tweaks


yeah, we always had that error, now check_for_error just picks it up. It has been harmless in my experience though.

Mate edition used to have the same problem as budgie now has. It’s a profile level problem, like gnome startup and shutdown delay. Hopefully maintainers get them fixed soon. Thanks for testing all these, you are amazing!


Would have done more this week, but life kind of got in the way, and in the end there was no real point given the enormous refactoring exercise being undertaken.

Its still all VM system testing though, I’d really like to see how it handles different graphic drivers and wireless setups.

Makes sense, all the network and multimedia specific packages should be included in the Manjaro desktop package profiles anyway.

Yep, booted fine and seemed functional, the error may stop some users from completing the install though.


Same standard install process, openrc instead of systemd base install, Manjaro XFE Full DE.

=> Successful install
=> Successful boot, but the default openrc XFCE GUI layout and theme nothing like the systemd XFCE DE layout and Breath theme.

Is this right? It is very different, and looks very un-Manjaro like.

=> Network connectivity
=> Timezone and time correct
=> User selected shell profile correct (bash)
=> sudo pacman -Syyu successful


Uuuum, no. That’s the default xfce. etc/skel not copied for some reason…?


partition was formatted before installing xfce, right? this happens typically when a user home is already present…


I’m in the middle of a Budgie OpenRC install, unfortunately I’m using the same partition for all test openrc installs. I’ll install XFCE again next to double check.

Installs are quick, updating grub and grub-customizer after each install is taking longer. Each install is partition formatted, thus new UUID.

Yep, during m-a install partition mounting.


if it’s on a dirty partition you can just try a new username.


OpenRC Budgie

Same standard install process, openrc instead of systemd base install, Manjaro XFE Full DE.

=> Successful install
=> Successful boot
=> Network connectivity
=> Timezone and time correct
=> User selected shell profile correct (bash)
=> sudo pacman -Syyu successful
=> System won’t shutdown or restart, nothing happens, lock and suspend works though. Hard virtual reset required to reboot. No idea if this is VM related or openrc related.

I’ll try XFCE Full again…


Budgie openrc isn’t even supposed to work! :wink: :smiley:

Install Base -> Configure Installer Mirrorlist -> Cancel


Configure Base -> Set Timezone and Clock -> Select Country and City -> Cancel doesn’t work

Hm. looking at the code it should work. Are you sure?

Configure Installer Mirrorlist -> Rank by Speed -> Choose Branch -> Ok with no branch selected not captured
I’m not sure I understand what you mean with “not captured”?


Install Graphical Interface -> Install Display Driver -> Cancel doesn’t work



If no branch is selected and the user hits ok should an error message be displayed? Or is ok without a branch selected equivalent to hitting Cancel.


Well, it doesn’t shutdown without a hard reset, but boots okay and updates okay in a VM.

My testing was a quick 5 minutes opening a few apps, settings, MSM, terminal and updating.

Full testing may uncover incompatibilities more sinister I suppose.


I suppose you used the packaged profiles for budgie. The openrc flags have since been removed and the installed will now not allow you to install the budgie, gnome, cinnamon and deepin profiles with an openrc base - or at least it should not allow and inform you … :wink:


ok. got it. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I installed the openrc base packages, then the Manjaro Budgie DE after.

Which Manjaro DEs are openrc supported? Should manjaro-architect restrict the available DEs depending on the base package init selected?


This has already been implemented?


Ok with no branch selected not captured

‘stable’ will be preselected now. This is something that didn’t work in the past but seems to have been ironed out with the new menu structure :wink:


XFCE openrc seems to be working now.

Thinking back to the original installation, creating the user I fat fingered the username, so created a second user with the correct username (ie manjaro).

I logged in with the second user, maybe that’s what caused the default XFCE look and feel.

This was the only difference.


Just updated from git to test fixes, got an error launching

$ pmarch
Name            : manjaro-architect
Version         : 0.7.4.r320.g7ab86ac-1
$ march
/usr/lib/manjaro-architect/util-base.sh: line 145: syntax error near unexpected token `}'
/usr/lib/manjaro-architect/util-base.sh: line 145: `}'


Wait a little with updating please. I’l let you know when the fixes are actually integrated :wink: