[unstable branch] Steam-Manjaro/native "next gen"



Good support is not to drop games to linux, but to build with linux tools, keep the software up-2-date and fix bugs.

Sure they drop things to linux but then build for a “bsd” system (dont use gnu-libc but some own thing (i think). That why the games do not run when you enforce libstdc usage. (fun fact: thats why i’ve started the rewrite of the steam-manjaro pkg) and do they fix bugs? I dont think so…

Good suppor: Feral Interactive . Supports answers, asks the community and fixes bugs month later (+ they even help the Mesa guys!).


Feral are indeed good game porting devs - I own Company of Heroes 2 which works fine now after some initial hiccups and bad performance.
Best thing would be games that are developed for Linux right from the beginning. Unity and Unreal engines helped a lot with that.


I have a somewhat different ‘problem’.

I hate pulseaudio and don’t want it on my system (numerous problems everywhere on my Lxde/Openbox install that is 3.5y.o.)

Yet, I want steam-native because ‘reasons’.

Any suggestions?


install all the libraries yourself and use STEAM_RUNTIME=0 before starting steam. Steam-native itself is only a helper package, nothing that really provides something.


So basically what I used to do for quite a while. Manjaro package changes and their ‘dependency hell’ just tripped me up.

OK, thx