Unreal engine installation


i’m trying to install unreal engine 4 follow this “https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/unreal-engine/”. It is all ok but when has almost finished, it give me an error. This is a screenshot -> http://tinyimg.io/i/moSMI8q.png.
Help me…

BOINC - what is going on?

You sure you have enough space in your home folder?
I believe the unread 4 engine is like 10 GB Tar ball, and then some odd 20-30 GB’s unpacked.


Did you read the aur page you linked to? AUR comments should always be read before installing any AUR package, particularly one as big as this.

Exactly the same error was reported in the comments, with the following workaround provided. Another user said it should be resolved with v4.18.



Thanks!!! For now its work very good!!


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