"Unread" section nonexistent or erratic

Do we not have an “Unread” section working?

Or is it just behaving strangely?

New posts in threads I am “Tracking” do not create any notifications or become listed in an ‘Unread’ category.



Apparently is missing. Also noticed the spacing between new topics is a bit too much.


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the unread - category is missing in the default top line, but it is working and accessible through the “hamburger” - menu.

I would also appreciate if it would be added next to Latest and New in the top line

There is one available in the hamburger menu on the top right:

edit: d-a-m-n the post limitations for “new users”.

Now the section exists


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I’m still not seeing it, unless I click on the item in the :hamburger: menu. :man_shrugging:

do a Ctrl+F5 reload of the page and make sure that there are actually topics in your unread - category :wink:


Got it, thanks. :slight_smile:

P.S.: Ctrl+F5 is the default shortcut for switching to virtual desktop 5 in KDE Plasma ─ or at least, if you have more than 4 virtual desktops. The default “reload” shortcut in most browsers is simply F5. :wink:

yes, but ctrl+F5 is the default shortcut in all browsers to force an invalidation of the cache and reload the page ignoring cache.
Your behaviour suggested that a normal reload was not sufficient.

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For what it’s worth, depending on the browser in question, Ctrl+Shift+R and holding either Ctrl or Shift and clicking Reload are common Force Reload ‘shortcuts’ also.

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