Unofficial repo. Remote key not fetched correctly from keyserver


I’m trying to install the chaotic-aur but when I try to add the keys I get:

gpg: keyserver receive failed: No keyserver available
==> ERROR: Remote key not fetched correctly from keyserver.

The Command I run is:

sudo pacman-key --keyserver -r 3056513887B78AEB 8A9E14A07010F7E3

Thats from the oficial site. Anybody know what might be going on? Is the server just down? Can we check? I was also trying yesterday with now luck.

Edit: The maintainer messaged me and gave me another keyserver becuase the is dead or down.

There is a old one floating around out there. I used it by mistake when I did this install. The below is the correct one.

# Brazil
Server =$repo/x86_64
# Germany
Server =$repo/x86_64
# USA (Cloudflare proxy)
Server =

It’s the same.

Got it from the official site.

OK then I’d personally ask there as well if you can.

I Did. I sent the maintainer an email. Hope he reply.

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