Unnecessary horizontal scroll bar bug is still present in manjaro when it is resolved upstream

This bug has been fixed a while ago but it is still present in Manjaro. I can’t share media but it is still presents in system settings, elisa, system tray settings etc.

patience - stable branch is a couple of weeks behind upstream - if it is a must fix - then switch to testing or unstable branch.

This bug was fixed in 2020.

Then you system is not up-to-date or you have an old configuration - even and odd configuratin - most likely a theming issue - I don’t know.

We ask @bogdancovaciu as an expert on KDE theming.

I am completely up to date. Here is the bug.
And you can see the bug is still present.

Tight shoes eh?

I also see this bug as well on Manjaro but not on KDE Neon, both systems currently use the same theme, same versions of kde plasma, frameworks and qt. Only difference is kde neon is run in virtualbox.

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Interestingly, even if I create a new user account with a fresh profile, this aesthetic bug still exists. Even if I try different themes and styles.

Why would it be unique to Manjaro KDE, even though the bug was fixed upstream two years ago?

The issue is still present under Arch testing branch … i kept mostly the defaults …

Is only fixed in KDE Neon unstable branch with newer plasma and frameworks

If you dig deeper that points to this Qt5 issue/bug that is still OPEN and Unresolved, but refers to Qt5.14 and we are already having Qt5.15 so it could be that was solved at some point somehow, but got reintroduced lated with some regression …


I recall some discussions in the VDG group that some of the KCM need to be rewritten and fix the layouts. I think are planed to land on Plasma 5.25 …


unwanted horizontal scrollbars are gone after reverting commit a82b1b27 in qtdeclarative

Seems someone should look at the qtdeclarative package from KDE Neon to see if they applied something.

Can confirm this bug is not present on fedora and neon, but appears in manjaro and arch