Unmounted discs not going into standby

Hello my friends.

I have a little annoying issue with my installation of Manjaro KDE (20.1.2).
First, this PC is a dual boot one. I have Windows 10 installed on the computer just for gaming and Adobes software (mostly photography). So because of this I have two mechanical hard-drives which I use while in the Windows environment.

Anyway, those two disks are the reason of my annoyance.

I do not have them mounted while using Manjaro. So I noticed quite quickly that these disks do not spin down.

I have tried to solve this myself. I installed Gnome Disks (very nice software btw) where you can set a time limit for the hard drives standby function, I have this set to 10 minutes.
However these settings had no effect on the disks spinning down.

I have also tried using TLP (TLP-UI) to change the power management settings to allow for spin down (From what I can read in the discription, the value should be 127 under DISK_APM_LEVEL_ON_AC and I typed 120 as a value under DISK_SPINDOWN_TIMEOUT_ON_AC which should be 10 minutes).

Now, the weird thing is the disks do spin down sometimes (after a reboot). Other times they wont spin down for days and I have to manually go into Gnome Disks and put them in standby.

There really shouldn’t be something that is keeping the disks alive/awake if they are not mounted, correct? As far as I can tell Windows 10 can handle the standby function without any problems.

This is something I would really like to solve once and for all.

I do not have a ton of Linux experience so I feel I have to ask for some help now. :kissing:


Use udev rules and systemd services

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Thank you bogdancovaciu.

I made a systemd service.

Description=hdparm sleep

ExecStart=/usr/bin/hdparm -q -y /dev/sdb
ExecStart=/usr/bin/hdparm -q -y /dev/sdd


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