Unknown File System? (Live DVD bootup)

Kicks me to grub, I get unkown file system, not even installed.

Sounds like some sort of malformed DVD.
What ISO did you use and how did you write it?

I burned the mate version, right clicked in windows 10 & chose burn image (windows native), wish there was a net install version, I have a 1.5 Gig flash.

I doubt that would work …
A tool like ventoy, rufus, etcher, or even a simple dd would work though.

Well … according to the wiki, the windoze right-click actually should work :woman_shrugging:

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try again with rufus

That’s not enough for the available mate ISOs.

Min. version requires 2.2 GiB, normal mate version 2.9 GiB.

I had another USB, I burned mate to just now. Yesterday it didn’t want to boot. Will try in a min.