Unknown device type nvme0n1 (two ssd)

1- HDD0: Windows
2- HDD1: NVME (manjaro)
3- Network

result looks good …

swap the two? manjaro 1st pls

Haven’t you said that nor NVME nor Manjaro were in your boot options?

my laptop bios order

but still not show boot menu, i knew it and it was

but bios menu, it’s there but not show f12 boot menu

The system is acting like the nvme still has secure boot enabled. The boot order is fine. When the < F12 > boot menu is presented, the firmware checks the boot order for “bootable” systems and then puts up its boot menu. Someone suggested a possible UEFI/BIOS firmware bug - maybe there is an update. Otherwise, look at the other tabs in the setup menu. Sometimes there are extra settings related to booting or security that need to be changed.

The arch wiki has some ideas about setting a few more things in setup. Scroll down to Aspire E5-575G-5538 and review, maybe something in the notes column will help.

interesting, i looked with gparted, missing flags (esp etc.) on nvme disk but exists on sata (sda)