Unknown command line output

I am new to Manjaro and zsh and I’ve encountered something on the CLI that I’m unfamiliar with.
It is this [1] on the right side of the prompt after entering a command. By default it appears red and so too does the rightmost > of the prompt >>>.
My example command that does this is pacman -Ss informant.

What does it mean exactly?

That would mean that the command failed in some way i think. Atleast if you use the standard prompt that comes with the manjaro .zshrc

I’m not sure but maybe it tells you that just one command line is stored you can retrieve with cursor keys? On my system output is zero as the package does not exists.

the -Ss means
Search for package(s) by searching the expression in name, description, short description.
From here

There is no informant package/description hence the terminal lists nothing and drops you back to the command line.

Use pamac instead for AUR packages.

Pacman is only for apps from repos. Informant is from AUR. So you should read it: I don’t know what you talk to me :wink:

Thanks for the replies! So the [1] is the return code but is stderr being hidden by zsh?

There is no output in the case of no package being found.

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