Unity3D games jitters mouse on screen and most keyboard inputs don't work

Currently having an issue with any game that uses the .config/unity3d folder
I tried deleting the unity3d folder at one point and it didn’t fix it.

These games are all being ran through steam, all have native support.

When I launch any of those games the game process will SOMETIMES appear on the taskbar (Not always).
Often the cursor will change to that of the games custom cursor.

Then a moment later the cursor will jitter around in what I can only describe as an organised chaos as it decides to spasm around somewhere near where the mouse was prior to launch, since it seems chaotic, but with a pattern.
At this time the mouse cursor can still be moved but will jitter back to around the area it was around before.

Along with this it seems like keyboard input stops being taken, (keyboard visibly still on)
thus any attempts to alt-tab, switch workspace, alt-f4 etc don’t work.
HOWEVER ctrl-alt-f4 still works (I fat fingered and figured that one out by mistake)
So I would presume that other big boy functions and whatnot still work.

I’m not sure what caused this issue to appear, I used to be able to run all these games perfectly fine on Manjaro, I believe I updated a bunch of stuff at one point and then this happened, but I’m not sure what I updated in package manager since there were a lot of updates and I couldn’t just update the things I wanted to (A lot of clicking unless there is an easier way to select specifically what you want to update that I don’t know about (Which isn’t unlikely))

Anyways, any help to try and fix this would be great even if it’s just sending me in the right direction.
If any additional info is needed just tell me what I need to give.
Thanks in advance and whatnot.