Unity DE for Manjaro

I am just wondering… canonical leave out UNITy to the community. Would it be great if Manjaro offers UNITY DE on its own? Like Community Edition too e.g. Deepin, Jade, openbox & etc.

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Unity has so many Ubuntu specific patches that it is almost impossible to get going on other distros.

You can look at Unity For Arch for pointers though. But it has not been updated for 2 years.


Unity is obsolete. Canonical announced in April 2017 that it will no longer be developed. Starting with Ubunu 18.04 LTS Ubuntu is using gnome.

You can install the corresponding gtk theme on Manjaro as well. I think it is called Yaru. And there is also a Unity extension for gnome to tweak the gnome panel.


No, it’s a discontinued project.

If you like Unity, you can easily set up Gnome, KDE, Xfce and even Mate to look and perform very closely. Any of the above are almost endlessly customizable.

Yeah…Its not really discontinued or that Unity is dead. Its not. I found a OS running Unity 7.5 and the project said that they want to continue Unity DE not under Canonical but as Community DE. Thats why I am wondering if its possible to have a Community Edition of Unity in Manjaro. Though not now or tomorrow but the possibility to make it as a part of manjaro’s community edition.

Yes, it’s a very small Ubuntu community spin. As strit mentioned, it’s Ubuntu patched.

So, you’ve got three choices. 1) Use Ubuntu Unity. 2) Use Manjaro and tweak a DE to mimick Unity. 3) Contact Phil and offer your support in developing and maintaining a community spin.



Well, let me add a few facts.

Ubports is trying to keep Unity alive. The Unity8 repos can be found here: https://github.com/ubports/unity8

But it is not usable. “Unity8 is not ready for production use on the desktop yet.” (https://unity8.io/). Not a lot of development activities. The latest commit is from November 2018.

And Unity 7 is already 2 years old with no further development.

From my point of view that is a dead horse.


certainly you can do that, but it will be very complicated, actually it might be easier to just built a new one from scratch, rather then developing it further.

keep in mind that alot of users were against the unity/yaru.
i liked it for the most part, but it has a certain Ubuntu look and feel to it.

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I loved Unity but I could not figure out how to “bring it back”. Here’s what I’ve done so far: Use Manjaro Gnome and remove pretty much all Gnome extensions and only have: Audio Output Switcher, Dash to Dock, Extend Panel Menu, No Topleft Hot Corner, Show Applications instead of Overview, Unite. This makes it look like Unity more or less. Here’s a screenshot:

We are working on a custom Manjaro Gnome that will be similar to Unity. If you want an iso that we already have send me a private message I’ll share with you. We plan to release in a month or two.

Of course the most important feature missing is the HUD and Global Menu. There are some pseudo extensions for that but they don’t work well at all.


Use latte dock on KDE and use layout as unity
Use global menu widget.


There you go mello. Tons of great options … with a modern, supported platform.

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For someone who never used Unity: What actually are you missing? Is this just look&feel or did it offer extra functionality? And if it was offering extra functionality how is Ubuntu handling this now with the successor based on gnome?

In my experience it is easier to craft a unity clone out of KDE than gnome. You get the global menu and similar workspace switcher. And a system tray.

Mate is another good option. If memory serves, there was even hud available for it.

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I tried them both a few months ago but could not make a lot of them. Maybe I should give them a try again. One thing though, I really like Gnome - from its settings panel, to tweaks, to Gnome extensions, to Nautilus integration, etc. and that is very Unity like as well, so I am wondering how much of that can also be replicated on Mate or KDE.

kde is something like a shapeshifter it can take any form.as long as you use right tools.
and willing to spend some time customising it


Like all the above suggestions, I prefer the functionality to be replicated in GNOME, KDE than going for Unity. The bugs, functionality and possible security implications is too much to ignore.

Yeah…Really you guys are open about this.
One of the things that I like about Unity is the Unity launcher where you can search easily of your files, videos and other things on the system.

Gnome overview does the same exact thing. Meta and type, it searches everything, contacts, files, bookmarks.


/\ this.

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