Uninstalling an Executable

Hello. I want some help on uninstalling an executable I ran on my Manjaro XFCE.
So, I downloaded a .tar.xz file from the playwitharena website and ran the executable. Now I don’t want it cluttering my system but as I didn’t install it using pacman, I have no idea how to uninstall it. Can you please help me?

PS: I deleted the files and the executables in hope that it would remove it from the system. But nope.

Did you ran an installer or just the program?

If you only start the program and don’t install it through a script, then normally just delete the extracted folders and files.

What makes you think, that it is still installed?


I deleted all the files but the program was still running in the background

Please write the name of the tar archive.

Then open a taskmanager and kill the process.

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I restarted my system right after that which means it is gone right?
If yes, you stopped a person from wiping his hard drive. Thanks a lot!

Wait can you help me with this too?---- How do I make the super key/windows key open the applications menu?

Next time first search at the AUR. There is a PKGBUILD for it: AUR (en) - arena-chess-gui

pamac build arena-chess-gui

then you can remove it with:

pamac remove arena-chess-gui

Menu: Settings Manager → Keyboard → Application Shortcuts:
xfce4-popup-whiskermenu and click the Windows Key (Super_L)

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You are an angel in disguise. Thanks a lot!

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