Uninstalled package in pamac, but pacman said it is still installed

I have removed syncthing via pamac remove syncthing-gtk, however pacman still said i have syncthing installed… where is this data stored ?
I tried $pacman -Rns syncthing-gtk, but it said
error: target not found: syncthing-gtk

$ yay syncthing
2 community/syncthing-relaysrv 1.19.0-1 (3.8 MiB 13.7 MiB) 
    Relay server for Syncthing
1 community/syncthing 1.19.0-1 (7.9 MiB 25.1 MiB) (Installed)
    Open Source Continuous Replication / Cluster Synchronization Thing
==> Packages to install (eg: 1 2 3, 1-3 or ^4)

syncthing and syncthing-gtk are two separate packages, the latter requiring the former. Depending on how you installed them and if you configured pamac to remove unused dependencies, the former may not be removed with the latter.


I see…
So syncthing is command line tool, which syncthing-gtk is gui wrapper for the cli syncthing ?

When it removed syncthing-gtk with pamac, i was just removing the “skin” of the syncthing , so to speak.

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