Uninstall mesa 20.3

I’m getting flickering in the game Factorio after purchasing, it seems to be the only game affected but for me quite a big one. After reading a few other forums that it could be caused by Mesa 20.3. So as a troubleshooting method I was trying to uninstall Mesa 20.3 (which I installed through the software center AUR) and go back to the default one in the Manjaro repository. I’m new to manjaro and a novice to linux in general. I’m completely lost as to how to do this as trying to install Mesa 20.1.8 gives errors.

could not satisfy dependencies:

  • removing lib32-mesa-git breaks dependency ‘lib32-mesa’ required by lib32-gtk3,
  • if possible, remove lib32-gtk3 and retry
  • removing lib32-mesa-git breaks dependency ‘lib32-mesa’ required by lib32-libglvnd,
  • if possible, remove lib32-libglvnd and retry
  • removing lib32-mesa-git breaks dependency ‘lib32-opengl-driver’ required by lib32-libglvnd,
  • if possible, remove lib32-libglvnd and retry

Can anyone point me in the right direction as I’m completely lost.

Just install regular mesa and lib32-mesa

sudo pacman -Syyu mesa lib32-mesa

Otherwise … the errors themselves give you information:

Thank you very much for the reply,
when I try to remove lib32-libglvnd I get even more errors and it looks like its trying to remove a bit too much. Is something like this safe to do?

Warning: lib32-openal optionally requires lib32-fluidsynth: MIDI rendering
Warning: lutris optionally requires wine: Windows support
Warning: minigalaxy optionally requires wine
Warning: proton-ge-custom-stable-bin optionally requires steam: use proton with steam like intended
Warning: proton-ge-custom-stable-bin optionally requires winetricks: protonfixes backend - highly recommended
Warning: proton-ge-custom-stable-bin optionally requires wine: support for 32bit prefixes

After running the command you gave me it worked fine, sorry for my ignorance! I think using Windows so long its trained me to use GUI instead of a simple command. I’m glad to be a part of the manjaro community! Thanks again!

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I think you could achieve the same from the gui, Pamac, by selecting mesa and lib32-mesa and click install.

I’ll give a shot again if i try the other drivers, which is quite likely since they play better with Horizon Zero dawn on proton ge. I seem to recall it throwing similar warnings and queues up removal of a bunch of what i thought were qt and kde dependencies.

Yes always review thoroughly what it wants to remove, always, because if you see a bunch of packages, there is probably something wrong, you’re probably going to destroy part of the system because you’re doing it wrong. Replacing the packages here was the solution instead of removing them.

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