Uninstall Megasync

About 3 months ago, I stupidly installed Megasync. It has made my system a little unstable at times and I would like to uninstall it.
I have tried to do this with both Pacman and Pamac. Both gave me the same error:

could not satisfy dependencies:

  • removing megasync breaks dependency ‘megasync>=3.5’ required by dolphin-megasync

I have looked for a solution online, and the best I could find was a solution from Ubuntu. I’d like to convert that solution to “Arch”, but I don’t want to mess things up further. I have also searched in this form, but I couldn’t find an answer.
Is there a command I can type into Konsole (bash) that will safely remove Megasync?

Thanks so much

Try this:

sudo pacman -Rsn dolphin-megasync megasync
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Thanks, will try you suggestion now.

Worked a treat, Thanks again :grinning:

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