Uninstall Manjaro

Hey guys, just today I got to first time use Linux Manjaro (first time ever using Linux). The problem is, that my new Lenovo laptop has faulty touchpad and need to uninstall the Linux in order to get a new one (it came without any OS). I tried looking for the solution on YT but all I found was the dual boot uninstallation, which is not my case. I will appreciate any help. Thank you.

change laptop ?
no windows ? ok, boot on usb iso and use gparted for remove partition(s?) format disk

Says who? :thinking:

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my Laptop manufacturer-which came with windows on it-claims in their warranty that they would not repair(under warranty)if damages were caused by a customer using a 3rd party software, or a software not made by this manufacturer and/or by viruses.
since it’s all very vague and seems like they try to minimize their side of responsibility to offer the free of charge repair,
if i had to bring my laptop back,I’d reinstall windows on it first.

regarding OPs situation,since his Laptop came with no OS i guess he’s free to put whatever he wants on it?
and maybe he needs to bring it back they way he got it?

boot a live iso and clear the disk (replace sdy with your actual device - use lsblk to locate)

# sgdisk --zap-all /dev/sdy

If you are paranoid you use dd and/or shred on the disk - but in case of SSD (due to the chip based storage) there is no guarantee data is gone - albeit harder to recover.

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