Uninstall grub for other distro


after several times my manjaro grub overwriten after updating other distro kernel i have idea to uninstall other distro grub and make manjaro grub as only one boot utility to handle my boot. is it even possible to do that.?


This is a paculiarity of Manjaro

Boot in the other distribution and uninstall grub from the package manager, even better if you install them choose to not install the boot loader if possible

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Is it save to uninstall other distro grub…?


It is if you do it correctly. Do you know how to do so? If not, some research will tell you how. :slight_smile:



any clue to do that.?
i have searching but what i got is just simple article to uninstall linux and just use windows


You have to build YOUR behavior!.. :joy: I mean:

  • Boot to Manjaro and install grub (use proper method, regarding it is UEFI or MDSOS Legacy system)
  • Do not install grub from any other dual-boot distro, or uninstall grub package of your other distro.


ok i’ll try,… thank you guys…

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