Unify the language settings places at KDE System Settings

Hi all together,

I have installed Manjaro KDE 18.1.0 and wanted to change the language of the System.
If Kicker is opened and you type "language" there are actually three different items shown:

  • Language
  • Language Settings
  • Language Packages

The first one is from Plasma, the last two are from Manjaro as I figured out when I saw these options in the System Settings list.
This is very unfortunate, as having three Settings are two too many and include duplication of information and options plus a lot of confusion for the user, which settings to use.

Therefore I'd like to suggest to get rid of those two Manjaro settings and to team up with KDE to only support a single language settings interface.


Huh. Mine is locale settings and language packages.
The "Language" one from KDE is blank and I've not touched it .. because you should probably just use the ones in Manjaro Settings Manager - it takes care of all the bits for you.

We cant really control what KDE/Plasma does. And in fact I think the "Language" settings from plasma have to do with desktop translation only - not everything that the MSM ones do.

So theres a reason for those 2 to exist. There might even be an argument for usefulness of the plasma one alongside whats in MSM. Hiding that one is is much more likely then removing or mixing the other 2 - but still probably not desirable.


Mine is locale settings and language packages.

Uh, sorry, you are right, I kept it wrong in my memory.

The "Language" one from KDE is blank and I've not touched it .. because you should probably just use the ones in Manjaro Settings Manager - it takes care of all the bits for you.

And there's where the confusion comes from: How does average user, who does not have this information, know which one should be used? :slight_smile:

I still find it very unlucky and I am in line with you that hiding or deactivating it should not be considered a solution. Maybe I will discuss it again with the Plasma people to find a suitable solution for everyone in the end.

IMHO this should not be advised to new users.
The topic issue is real and has a basis.

For the sake of the so-called user friendliness, it would be wise to rename MSM Language/Locale section to System Locale, because this is what it actually is.
Plasma/KDE wants to handle Language stuff with a nice GUI, which is admirable and they do it fine inside Plasma (user) session.

I suppose it would be easier for Manjaro to change the name, than ask Plasma for a unification in these settings. (this was a joke of course!:laughing: It's terrible when I feel I need to explain my jokes...:confounded: )

... we should tell new users to not use the manjaro language/locale utilities ?

I didn't say that. I think this thing has a name... I was taught in another topic (Google censorship I think... ).

It depends on the POV. Maybe Manjaro would like users to use it exclusively for their language settings. But when they come asking for help because their locale settings are a mess mixed up, we realise there is a UX issue. Especially, if not only, on Plasma, having one more special Language utility. I thought my explanation was enough. Sorry...

My POV on forum support is to gently and smoothly try to educate new users. The statement "because you should just use MSM for your locale/language settings" is not in that way IMHO, no offence, sincerely. The same title/name for essentially different things creates confusion and more importantly misinformation - miseducation (if this is a word... ).
As I am non-English user, I have studied as much as I could and also created a tutorial and helped on the wiki.
System Locale is what MSM is setting.
Session (Plasma) Locale is what Plasma Language is setting.
I suggested the obvious, what is a fact to reflect to the names and advise.

I have no reason for flames whatsoever. (I can't know which emoji to use... :thinking:)

I am sorry .. that is (again) rather literally what you said:

(this has nothing to do with the concept that things could be improved)

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