There is an official github repo for the Arch PKGBUILD and an AUR package, but building ungoogled-chromium can take a long time on average or old hardware, which is why an official package would be highly appreciated.

ungoogled-chromium is what I would consider an essential piece of software, as it is the only project offering a privacy respecting version of Chromium without the attempt to create just another Chromium-based browser.

there's a -bin aur package.



...there is also a private repo:


[ungoo] Server = https://arch.scrumplex.net/$repo/os/x86_64

More info here

this saves you from compiling

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@steanne and @banjo

I'm hesitant on using third-party binaries and would rather build it myself, but that's why I was suggesting an official binary package with would make so much more sense.

To be more precise about the original intent, the PKGBUILD from jstkdng's fork at github is what I'm currently more interested in because it includes the VA-API patch for hardware acceleration.

Adding another browser to the repos is a lot of work.

I don't use it, so it's a "no" from me.

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Read your own link, the guy has a private repo.

You can also use my repository. I added some additional patches and I try to update this as soon as Eloston releases a new version. To use it first import my gpg key to your pacman keyring:

$ sudo pacman-key -r 3DEA62513C8035383A245A12E5786B42E8E5D565 $ sudo pacman-key --lsign-key 3DEA62513C8035383A245A12E5786B42E8E5D565

And edit your /etc/pacman.conf adding this lines:

Server = https://repo.vin.ovh/arch/$arch


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Isnt that some unrelated person who forked it ?

Is Ungoogled Chromium a better solution than Brave, which did make it into the community repo after one user complained?

I don't use Brave, I don't package it, and personally I wouldn't have added it to the repos, but that's me. I have opinions of my own. Just because I say "I won't package this" doesn't mean someone else won't.

However, Brave is a binary package so it requires no compilation time so at least it's quicker to package for the repos.

This is also part of a wider discussion about a fourth "non-free" (or similarly named) repo for binary packages like Brave, Sublime Text, FreeOffice, etc.

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Well, it's not a TU.

No .. I meant that git repo is forked from the actual project. The author/maintainer of that fork has 1 or 2 other projects on github, but is not related to ungoogled-chromium in any way (as far as I can tell) .. they forked it and added that text about their personal repo .. but its just 'some dude' .. its not ungoogled authors repo.

To be trustable, jstkdng recently uses "openSUSE's obs" for building, I'm not sure what "openSUSE's obs" is exactly, but it seems like openSUSE's offical auto building system, if it is true, then by checking the PKGBUILD with source codes (instead of bin) is helpful for trusting. If Manjaro got such an auto building system, it'll be great.

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