Ungoogled-chromium 1.6 GB!?

1610 MB is required to download ungoogled-chromium from aur
I don’t understand where the problem comes from that it has so much volume?

Do you mean the one to compile or the one already compiled?
With or without the (build) dependencies?

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I used this command to install
yay -S ungoogled-chromium

Seems you tried installing the version that needs compiling.
Try installing the binary package (one that has “-bin”): see aur for an overview on the available packages.
However, I advise to not just instlling an aur package without searching the aur website first. Often there are different packages.

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As OP uses yay, it is also possible to use

yay ungoogled-chromium

that is, without the -S option, in the search list there are also short descriptions. Just in case, somebody is too lazy to open the AUR website (as I usually am). :grinning:


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