Undo 'move to wastebasket' not working?

I’ve just clean installed Ruah & set up my apps, extensions, prefs etc. I’m not sure if this is a personal issue or system bug, but the UNDO option after deleting a file no longer works in Nautilus.

Oddly, If I manually drag the file back from the wastebasket the ‘Redo restore’ & subsequent ‘Undo restore’ do function normally.

Screenshot from 2022-06-19 18-03-17

I could not find such an issue on Gitlab Gnome Nautilus.

I believe I have found the issue.

My Home folders (Docs, Music, Pics, Videos) are symlinks to an Internal SSD. Deleting files from these locations the UNDO does not work.
(Public, Downloads) are not symlinks & with these UNDO works normally.

I can reproduce it on a mounted drive. You cant undo via a symlink. Ive reported a bug to gnome files.