Understanding the Manjaro Cycle

@sal asked about manjaro 20.1.
@Yochanan answered:

If you’re up to date, you already have it:

lsb_release -a

Version numbers are meaningless for a rolling release. They’re only stable snapshots for creating ISO’s.

The Download page shows 20.0.3.

So when promoting Manjaro we should refer to 20.0.3 as the stable snapshot for making an ISO. And, when you install Manjaro and update your system you’ll be current.

How often is the stable snapshot generated (every month, every quarter, bi-annually)?

In the lsb_release -a command output what does Release: 20.1, Codename: Mikah refer to? I have seen other RR Distros where the code codename is n/a and release is a date.

Can we associate a forum entry in Announcements:SomeCategory with an update?

I have recently been following the RSS Feeds (QuiteRSS) shown below to follow the RR development cycle:

Announcements: Releases
Announcements: Stable Updates
Announcements: Stable Staging Updates
Announcements: Testing Updates
Announcements: Unstable Updates (arch + 3 days)

Reference: https://www.manjaro.org/features/fresh-and-stable/

Thank you for the clarification.

The current ISO.
(maybe some rc or something if you have a particular reason like you cant wait for the next release and need a newer kernel to boot your brand new gpu)

When it is felt necessary. Then when it is ready. There is no other time table.

“Releases” on manjaro mean nothing besides the ISO.

To update defaults, cut down on updates, etc … new ISO’s are released from time to time.

But this means virtually nothing for a running system.

We are a ‘rolling-release’ distro. You are either up to date or not.

Generally yes - but there isnt an ‘update version’ you will find in your logs.
Just package versions… you could wait weeks and end up with the same packages as everyone else.
But as far as a correlating post to each update - this is inverse to the ‘skill level’ of the branch.
Just about every Stable Branch release will have an update announcement.
(historically - not all, because of single security rushes or similar - though those are often announced too)
Testing Branch not necessarily every one.
Unstable Branch gets constant updates … but might only see an announcement for particular large or problematic groups.


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