Understanding Hybrid Intel Graphics and AMD Radeon in Manjaro




I just read a bit about hybrid graphics in linux… Now I am wondering why bumblebee is installed at my laptop as it uses an Intel HD graphics combined with an AMD Radeon card. Currently I use Prime for some applications that need the dedicated graphics card (or at least where performance benefits from it)
As I understood the articles about Prime it does not use bumblebee. Furthermore, I thought bumblebee does not work with AMD/ATI graphics cards. Therefore I am wondering, why it is installed by default by the installer and if bumblebee has any effect on machines with an AMD/ATI card?

Edit: I just realised that manjaro offers different drivers. Currently the intel and radeon drivers with bumblebee support are installed on my device. However, since my last check in the options a driver called “video-hyrid-intel-radeon-prime” appeared there.
Should I switch to that one and get rid of bumblebee?



As I understand it, this was because mhwd (manjaro hardware detection) did not have PRIME support when it started out, and thus they made a “dummy” bumblebee driver, which actually just installed intel driver, BUT made it so that the ATI card was visible to the rest of the system, but not usuable.

MHWD has recently gotten some PRIME support in the video-hybrid-intel-radeon-prime driver.

I also use PRIME for certain applications on my my Intel/ATI laptop.


Hmm, interesting and exciting!
Does this mean, that it’s recommendable to switch to the new drivers? Do you already use the new ones?

However, I think the ATI card was used, as I had some applications not running without PRIME but running with it.



No idea what the recommendation is.

No. I use Intel and ati drivers seperately and manually switch with prime.


So you don’t use the bumblebee ones that are installed by default?

I was thinking about removing bumblebee and the associated driver and installing the separate drivers. However I did not dare to try that as I feel to unexperienced and do not want to ruin my installation :sweat_smile:


When I used bumblebee it would only use the Intel card.


have the same problem


Hmm, the ****-prime entries are new. I haven’t seen them before…
I wonder what’s the best way to change


Finally I came back to that issue.
I could easily switch to the ***-prime drivers by using the commands from the wiki page to remove the existing driver and install the new ones:

sudo mhwd -r pci video-hybrid-intel-ati-bumblebee
sudo mhwd -a pci free 0300

That uninstalled a bunch of packages (linuxYY-bbswitch, …). And still after a restart everything is working properly. The command DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer" with and without the prime switch shows that switching the graphics card is working :slight_smile: