Unanswered category throws an error when clicked


I click on Unanswered and get:


while trying to load [/latest.json?order=default&max_posts=1](https://forum.manjaro.org/latest.json?order=default&max_posts=1)

Something went wrong.

Clicking the link I get:

|0|"You supplied invalid parameters to the request: max_posts"|

Where did I do this? It all worked a while ago? :man_shrugging:


nothing you did, it’s broken


Thanks for the quick reply. I’m sure it will be resolved quickly… stuff happens.


I bet the Discourse developers changed something again… :weary:


There was an update which broke validation, then fixed validation:

It’s working now.


they really have a penchant for releasing what look to be untested tweaks to keep forum maintainers on their toes


It’s one of the more obscure features, but yes.