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When I installed Manjaro it gave me about 2MiB of unallocated space at the beginning and end of my drive. Recently I added a /home partition and I removed the unallocated space at the end for said /home partition. I am now curious to whether or not that unallocated space was needed. Some people say yes and some say no. I think if I had to put it back I could just about figure the amount of space that was removed. My question is, do I need the unallocated space at the end?

I apologize if I need to post a command output with this. Just let me know and I will post it. Thanks in advance for any information.

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The 2MB unallocated space at the beginning may have been to accommodate a boot loader.

That one I left alone for that very reason. I know moving a /boot/efi partition can result in not being able to boot and I did not want to end up in that situation. But as far as I can tell the unallocated space at the end differs from person to person. Some say it helps with alignment and others say it's just how the code was written in the installer.

At these days 2 MB is not worth trying to save. The 2 MB at the beginning has something to do with alignment and Windows tradition. If you install in BIOS mode (not UEFI) on a MBR disk it would allow to put a major part of the boot loader (e.g. GRUB) into that space. The space at the end could be helpful if you intend to change between GPR and MBR disk partition scheme - very unlikely ever to be required.

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Alignment value is normally 2048 sectors (= 1 MB).
This is important for most SSDs, as you don't want your 1st partition to start in the middle of an erase block.

On traditional MBR layouts, part of the bootloader (GRUB first stage) sits in the MBR (first 512 bytes).


... and the second part right behind.

I do have a 3rd HDD installed in my computer. It has personal files on it and apparently it was partitioned with MBR while my OS and Games drives are partitioned with GPT. But I think you are referring to switching between the 2 on the same drive. Which if that's the case then I'm guessing it was okay for me to add the 2 MB of unallocated space at the end to my /home partition. I just wanted to make sure I didn't mess up anything and make sure it didn't need that 2 MB for a particular task or something.

You should be fine.

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