Unable to Wake Up After Sleep


My desktop PC cannot wake up after sleep mode has been activated.
Not even TTY works for some reason and the only solution is a hard reset.

To reproduce it I did:
Settings → Power Management → Display:

  • Blank after : Never
  • Put to sleep after : One minute
  • Switch off after: Never

EDIT: It seems that sleep works well if I disable all session locks in Settings → Power Management → Security → Light Locker

My hardware:
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
Nvidia rtx 3070 - driver 515.57

OS: Manjaro xfce all updated
Kernel: 5.19 (also tried 5.18 and 5.17)

journalctl -b -1 output - logs journalctl - Pastebin.com

Any help is really appreciated !
Regards Alex